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safety pup imageNational Child Safety Council's Safetypup Program

Our police department has partnered with the National Child Safety Council to present their Safetypup program to the students in grades pre-kindergarten to grade four. The Safetypup program is generously sponsored and funded by annual community donations. While the program expense range annually from $1,800 to 2,000, there is no cost to the schools or government for this program.

Each spring a Bluffton police officer visits with each classroom to present a specifically targeted program for the age group in the classroom. Officers spend between thirty and sixty minutes with each class and discuss safety issues ranging from stranger awareness and bicycle safety, to fireworks and household hazards.

Of great interest is when a life size character of the "Safetypup" mascot visits the children. Safetypup makes appearances at annual open house activities and other community events.

In recognition for their support, the names of local contributors are listed on the back of pre-printed student booklets that are distributed. Contributors are typically solicited in late winter-early spring time of the year, but are accepted at any time. All contributions are made out to the National Child Safety Council c/o Bluffton Police Department, and may be mailed or dropped off at the police department. The National Child Safety Council is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization dedicated to child safety programs.

ALICE PDF Print E-mail

Beginning in 2010, police officers began working with representatives of our local school district to train on an innovative way of dealing with hostile situations in the schools. While Bluffton continues to remain a safe and tranquil community, being prepared to quickly react and handle potentially violent encounters may mean the difference between being a victim of circumstances, or controlling them. For that reason, our department is offering this training to better prepare our school staff in the unlikely event of a hostile act. The acronym ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.

Parents and citizens can know that their children are in the hands of the most competently trained staff possible when considering if such events could occur locally.

This training is not specific to a school setting, and can be adapted to fit any commercial or industrial setting.

Please feel free to contact the police department for further details.

Community Involvement PDF Print E-mail

All of our full-time officers reside in Bluffton and are raising or have raised children in our community. Several of our police officers participate in a variety of community based activities. Our officers serve as coaches for little league baseball and middle school track. Several of our officers also volunteer with the local EMS and fire departments, serving as CPR instructors or helping with fire prevention week.

DARE PDF Print E-mail

The Allen County Sheriff's Office provides county wide drug abuse resistance education (D.A.R.E.) to all Allen County schools. At Bluffton Exempted Village Schools, the program is presented in the fifth grade.

Bluffton police supports the efforts of the DARE program by assisting with tee shirt and material expenses. Local funding is provided, in part, by the OVI Enforcement and Education fund. This fund comes from fine monies assessed to persons convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Similar to other community funded programs, contributions may be made to the Allen County DARE program and dropped off at the police department.

Bike Safety PDF Print E-mail

Annually, and when requests can be accommodated, Bluffton officers conduct a bicycle safety program. This presentation is done in conjunction with the Lima Area Bike Safety (LABS) organization, which is an initiative of the Lima-Allen County Regional Planning Commission.

This program is done during the Bluffton Community Health Fair, and targets juveniles ages four to ten.

Participants perform a series of bicycle maneuvers as well as have a safety check performed on their bicycle. Any participant not having a bicycle helmet receives one before participating and is allowed to take it with them when leaving.

Thanks to generous support from Bluffton Hospital, two bicycles are given away to lucky participants during the day-long event.


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