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Implementation Scheduled for June 1, 2013


The Village of Bluffton is implementing fully automated refuse and recycling collection with wheeled refuse and recycle Toters provided by the Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste). All single family households and multiple households with three or less units will receive one refuse and one recycle Toter for collection by Republic.


Both refuse and recycling may be placed at your collection location no sooner than 6:00 p.m. the night before your collection day and no later than 7:00 am of your collection day. Unlimited collection and automated collection will be collected by separate trucks and crews but not necessarily at the same time.

With the new collection system, crews may come to your home at different times than previously. To ensure that all refuse and recycling is collected, all items must be set out by 7:00 am. Service is not guarantee if items are placed at the curb after 7:00 am of your collection day. All Toters must be removed from the right-of-way and stored in a location that is not visually distracting to you or your neighbors,the same day as your collection.


The automated trucks will be equipped with a camera, enabling the driver to monitor the dumping of the Toters. If there are unacceptable items in the Toters, they will not be dumped until the problem is corrected.




Why is the Village changing over to this new system for refuse and recycling?

Residents have been inquiring about further expansion of the curbside recycling program. With the new Carts and automated collection:

·         More items can be recycled curbside

·         The new system eliminates the need to sort recycling

·         This method takes the guess work out of recycling and offers the capability of more volume

·         Toters reduce the amount of trash and recycling that is blown by the wind or disturbed by animals

·         Toters with lids also prevent rain and snow from saturating refuse and recycling

·         Automated collection is a more time efficient method of collection

·         Automated collection is safer for crews because it keeps them out of traffic

·         Automated collection reduces the staff needed for curbside collection of refuse and recycling

·         The capacity of the recycling containers may only require that residents take it to the curb “every-other” week instead of weekly, which is more convenient for the resident.




When does this improved service begin?

The target date for the start of automated refuse and single stream recycling is June 1st.


When will I get my Refuse and Recycle Toters?

The carts will be delivered to the curb beginning the week of May 20th and all residents should have a trash cart and a recycling cart by May 31st.


Am I allowed to use a different container other than the issued containers for refuse and recycling?

No, you must use the Carts that are issued to each house so the automated collection trucks can properly lift and empty the Toters. If, on an infrequent basis, you have additional refuse that does not fit in the Cart, place the refuse next to the Cart for pickup. If you frequently have more refuse than the Cart holds, you may need to consider an additional Cart.


How does this change affect my recycling collection?

With this new method, residents now can recycle single stream, which means no sorting of recyclables. If the item is on the list of acceptable recyclables and fits in the Toter,it will be recycled. All recycling can be mixed together loose in the Toter. No more sorting. Refrain from placing recyclables in plastic bags and then putting them in the recycling Toter. Since some items can still blow out of the cart when being emptied, it may be a good idea to bag these items (i.e shredded paper, etc.).


What do I do with my current garbage can(s)?

Trash cans sometimes can have a second life once the Carts are delivered. You can wash them out and they are great for yard waste storage, composting bins, storage for kids balls and bats and other garage clutter. They make great storage containers for Dog and Cat food, keeping rodents out. There are many uses for them. If they have a “Recycle” logo on the bottom, you can cut them up and place them in your recycling container, as well.


What do I do with my curbside recycling bin(s)?

The curbside recycling bins are property of Republic Services and must be returned. Recycling will no longer be collected in the curbside recycling bins.On a date to be announced, place all your curbside bins at the curb for collection by Republic Services crews.


What do I do if my cart is lost or stolen?

Report the incident to the Bluffton Police Department at the non-emergency number 419-358-2196. Replacement refuse and/or recycling Toters will be issued to residents who file a police theft report. . A police report number is required when requesting a replacement Toter. Replacement request by the resident must be directed to the Republic Services Customer Service Department in Lima at 800-491-1115, during regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 3:30 pm (excluding holidays)


Republic Services crews will deliver the replacement Toter to your residence upon notification of the theft accompanied by the appropriate police report number.




How much does the Cart cost?

As part of your collection services, each household is provided with one refuse Cart and one recycle Cart.


How big are the Toters?

The refuse Carts are 96 gallons and are blue. The Recycle Carts have a capacity of 65 gallons and are green in color. The Carts have wheels for easy pushing and have lids to keep animals from entering the Cart. The lid also keeps out snow and rain. The footprint of a Cart is equal to two curbside recycling bins or two 45 gallon garbage cans.


Do I need to be home to receive delivery of my new Carts?

No, your Carts will be delivered to your home.


What should I do when I receive the new refuse and recycle Carts?

Read the information about the new collection procedures that is attached to the Cart (inside on the lid).Notice of the start date and collection date for curbside recycling bins will be included in this information packet. Place your new Toters on your property and/or your garage so it is not visually distracting to you or your neighbors.


Is my collection day affected by the switch to automated collection?

Your collection day will remain the same for refuse and recycle collection.


Will my refuse and recycle be collected at the same time?

There will be separate crews for recycle, refuse and unlimited collections. To make certain all items are picked up, have all Toters and unlimited collection items out by 7:00 am on your collection day.


Where do I set out the Carts for collection?

Directions for placement will be included in your informational packet attached to your Cart upon delivery in the spring. Please keep them 4 feet away from cars, telephone poles, mailboxes and guide wires. Carts should be located a maximum of three feet from the curb and all overhead obstructions (tree limbs and wires) should be a minimum of thirteen feet high.


How much space should there be between the two Carts when they are set out for collection?

There needs to be two(2) feet between the Carts and any unlimited collection items, so the automated arm can safely grasp the Cart. Refrain from placing your Carts near parked cars or other obstacles as the truck will not have sufficient clearance to lift and empty the Toters.


Why are the carts 96 gallon capacity?

Cities that have changed to single stream recycling report a dramatic increase in recycling. We anticipate this increase in curbside recycling.The recycle Cart has the capacity of over 5½ curbside bins and will also hold larger pieces of cardboard. The refuse Cart has more capacity than two 45 gallon garbage cans or seven kitchen trash bags.


Does the lid need to stay closed?

Yes, the lid on the Carts keeps out rain, snow, and critters. Closed lids also prevent the wind from blowing recyclables and refuse out of the Cart.


How do I move the Carts?

The wheels make it easy for residents to roll the Carts. Remember to push the Cart using the handles on the lid hinge. Do not pull the Cart because it is easier to push rather than pull it.


What if my Cart is broken?

Republic  Services crews will repair broken lids and wheels. If the breakage is due to misuse, the resident will be responsible for the replacement cost of the Cart.


Can I request an additional Carts?

One refuse Toter and one recycle Toter are provided to each eligible household at no cost. If a resident needs an additional refuse or recycling Cart, they are available for rental. The $4/month cost covers the cost and delivery on each additional Cart. Call the Customer Service Department to request additional Carts and the additional rental will be added to your invoice.


What do I do with the Toter if I move?

If you move, the refuse and recycling Toters remain behind for the next resident. Carts are the property of the Republic Services and are never sold. If you take your cart, your final bill will include the $110 cost of each cart.




What is single stream recycling?

Single stream means there is no sorting of items. All items go into the green recycle Toter including:

FIBER which includes:cardboard, catalogs, junk mail, newspapers, paperback books, office paper, paper gift wrap and paper bags as well as milk and gravy cartons.

BOTTLES AND CONTAINERS (B&C) which includes:bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, glass bottles, and plastics #1, #2, #3, #4, #5,#6, #7  (NO Styrofoam of any type.)

Remember no containers that held toxic substances such as motor oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid or poisonous substances.


Curbside recycling is for these types of items only. Curbside recycling is not for small appliances, scrap metal or other such items. Contact the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District Office 419-228-8278 for the best alternative for recycling these types of items.



·         Aluminum cans that held food and/or beverages

·         Aluminum foil

·         Disposable foil cooking and baking pans



·         Cardboard, both corrugated and chipboard

·         Cartons that hold milk, juice and other edible fluids

·         Dry food boxes, gift boxes and moving boxes

·         Pizza boxes (remove food debris and napkins)

·         Shoe boxes

·         Toilet paper and paper towel rolls



·         Glass bottles and containers that held edible liquids



·         Catalogs and magazines

·         Gift wrapping paper, paper gift bags and paper shopping bags

·         Junk mail

·         Moving packing paper

·         Newspapers including glossy advertisements

·         Office paper and file folders

·         Paperback books

·         Telephone books


PLASTIC: (1 through 7, excluding #3)

·         Bottles, containers  and tubs

·         Flower pots, plant flats (remove soil and plant material)

·         Laundry supply containers

·         Plastic buckets and storage containers up to 5 gallons, including:

o   laundry baskets,

o   milk crate type containers

o   wastebaskets,

·         NO containers that held toxic or poisonous substances

·         NO “Styrofoam” items of any type



·         Decorative tins

·         Steel or tin food and beverage cans


What items are NOT accepted in the recycle Cart?

This is a partial listingof prohibited items the recyclingCart;

·         No mirrors

·         No Window glass of any kind

·         No Automobile Parts

·         No items contaminated with food

·         No Garbage, trash, rubbish, construction material, earth, stones, or yard waste.

·         No light bulbs of any kind


Paper Recycling


Is it necessary to remove staples, paper clips, cellophane address windows, glossy advertisements?

No, these items can be recycled.


Can I recycle all gift wrapping paper and gift bags?

You may only recycle paper gift bags and paper gift wrap. No foil wrapping paper or tissue wrapping paper can be recycled. Remove all bows and ribbons. Tape is okay to leave on the wrapping paper.


Can I recycle pet food bags?

No, because there is either a plastic or foil inner liner in the bag which is a moisture barrier which keeps the contents dry. This moisture barrier prevents the bag from being recycled. Place these bags in the garbage.


Can I recycle used paper towels, napkins, plates and cups?

No, these items are contaminated with food and cannot be placed in the recycle Toter. You can recycle used paper products in a backyard compost bin. Otherwise, place soiled/used paper towels, plates and cups in the refuse.


Can I recycle computer/printer paper?

Yes, but not the sleeve the paper reams are packaged in. These sleeves contain a moisture barrier that prevents moisture transfer while being stored. The same material that protects the paper inside, inhibits the sleeves from breaking down during the recycle process. Please dispose of the sleeves in your trash.





Bottles and Cans Recycling



Is it necessary to remove lids and labels?

No, lids and labels may remain on the bottles and containers.


Can lids and caps be recycled?

Yes, lids and caps are recyclable. They may remain on the containers and/or bottles.


Is it necessary to rinse recyclables that contained food or liquids?

It is preferable to rinse food and liquids from all containers.Food and liquids residue contaminate the recycling process. Rinse all containers and make certain that all containers are free of food and liquids.


Cardboard Recycling


Can I recycle cardboard in the recycle Toter?

Yes, flatten the cardboard to conserve space in the Toter. Cardboard pieces and boxes must fit in the Toter.

Make certain the boxes are not wedged in the Toter. If they become stuck they will not tip out of the Toterduring collection.


How do I recycle large pieces of cardboard?

Do not leave large pieces next to the Toter as they cannot be collected with the automated truck. Cut the pieces to fit in the Cart.


Can I recycle pizza boxes?

Be certain to remove all food waste from pizza boxes before recycling. You can even recycle the small plastic tripod that prevents the lid from touching the cheese on the pizza.


Can I recycle cardboard cartons that hold fluids?

Yes, make certain the carton is empty. There is no need to remove the plastic lids as they are also recyclable.


Glass Recycling


Can I recycle glass and ceramic dinnerware, cookware and drinking glasses?

No, these glass items are processed in a different manner than bottles and jars and cannot be recycled with glass bottles and jars. Place these items in the refuse Toter.


Can I recycle mirrors, picture frame and window glass?

No, these glass items are processed in a different manner and cannot be recycled. Place these items in the refuse Toter.


Can I recycle light bulbs?

No. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) can only be recycled at Home Depot or Lowe’s. All other light bulbs must be placed in the trash.



Plastics Recycling


Can I recycle plastic cups and glasses?

Yes, if they have a recycle logo and a number on the bottom other than #3. Unfortunately, “Styrofoam” type plates, cups and glasses cannot be accepted for recycling. All “Styrofoam” must be placed in the refuse Toter for proper disposal.


Can I recycle plastic plates, cups, glasses and silverware?

No, these items cannot be recycled curbside. Place them in the refuse Toter.


Can I recycle “Styrofoam” packaging?

No, this type of packaging cannot be recycled curbside. Currently there is no convenient location for recycling these items. Packing peanuts may be recycled at local shipping stores. Otherwise, place them in the refuse Toter for disposal.


Can I recycle plastic wrap and shrink wrap?

No, these items cannot go in the recycle Toter. They need to be placed in the refuse Toter.


Can I recycle the plastic packaging on items like bottled water and bags of landscape mulch?

Not in the curbside recycling collection. These items may be recycled with plastic shopping bags at the local grocery stores if they are clean and free of debris.


Can I recycle plant based or biodegradable plastic bottles and containers?

No, these cannot be recycled with petroleum based plastics. The plant based (compostable) plastics are designed to degrade. When mixed with petroleum based plastics, they weaken the plastic and degrade the entire batch of recycling.


Can I recycle plastic bottles that held motor oil, antifreeze or windshield washer fluid?

These plastic containers cannot be recycled because they held toxic substances. These will contaminate the collected plastics. The plastics we collect are recycled into products that contain food such as soda pop and water bottles. 


Plastic Bag Recycling


Can I recycle plastic bags and dry cleaning bags in the recycle Toter?

No, shopping bags and dry cleaning bags should be recycled at any of the local grocery stores. In fact, plastic bags get caught in the sorting machines at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and cause the machines to shut down.


Should I bag my recyclables before placing them in the recycle Toter?

Do not place recyclables in plastic bags in the Toter. Loose materials are easier to sort and process at the MRF. Plastic bags can jam the machines on the sort line at the MRF.


Benefits of Recycling

Why should I recycle?

Items that are dumped in the landfill are of no further use to anyone and never decompose. By recycling as much as possible, you can help improve our community, the environment, reduce landfill disposal fees and save energy in the production of new products.

·         Recycling gives new life to old materials.

·         Recycling reduces the use of virgin materials in the production of new products.

·         Recycling offers the opportunity for market development of new uses for used products.


Recycling has the economic benefit of cost avoidance of landfill disposal fees. For every ton of trash that is taken to the landfill costs over $40.00 per ton for disposal. Whereas, each ton of recycling does not incur a landfill disposal fee.




What items can I place in the refuse Toter?

·         Household garbage and trash

·         Dried paint and empty paint cans

·         Do not place liquid paint in the refuse Toter as it will leak out into the container, out of the truck on to the street


What are considered oversize items that require a special collection?

Place these types of items separately from the Toters. Many times “scrappers” will “curbside shop” and take these items for salvage or their use. If they are still at the curb, Republic Services crews will come with another truck to collect these items for recycling and/or refuse.

·         Appliances

·         Bicycles

·         Carpet and padding cut and secured in rolls no larger than 4 feet and less than 65 pounds

·         Furniture

·         Gas grills and empty propane tanks

·         Individual vehicle parts (mufflers and exhaust pipe only)

·         Lawnmowers

·         Mattress and box springs

·         Playground equipmentwith no concrete attached

·         Tires


What if I clean out my basement, garage or move and items do not fit in the Toter?

Republic Services ask that residents call ahead and let them know of any Bulk Items that won’t fit in the Cart as they may need to send a different truck and crew to collect these.


What items are prohibited from curbside collection?

By ordinance, Republic Services crews are prohibited from collecting these items. It is the responsibility of the resident to properly dispose of these items:

·         Ammunition, explosives and flammable liquids

·         Construction and remodeling materials including: kitchen and bathroom fixtures and cabinets, lumber, drywall, hot tubs

·         Driveway sealer

·         Fencing of any type

·         Hot ashes or burning embers

·         Large automobile parts such as doors, fenders and engine blocks

·         Liquids such as paint and cooking oil, unless dried up by using kitty litter

·         Rocks, concrete and stones

·         Vehicle batteries and motor oil

·         Appliance NOT having the refrigerant removed and tagged by a certified Technician.

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