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Welcome to Bluffton

Thank you for visiting the Village of Bluffton website. We hope you'll find valuable information in the website about life in Bluffton, Ohio.   

We continue to encourage residents and frequent visitors to consider signing up for notices via NIXLE alert system. We utilize this system during times of emergency or when special notifications need to be issued. If you haven't signed up to receive the free text messages, please visit the ALERTS portion of the website for details on how to set up and activate free text messaging from the Village of Bluffton.

Notice of Request for Proposal for Engineering, Planning and Consultant Services for West Elm Street Water Main Replacement for the Village of Bluffton, Ohio

            The Village of Bluffton is seeking proposals for engineering, planning and consulting services for the following project for the Village of Bluffton:

            Project details include the following:

1.     Water main design will follow the Village of Bluffton standards and specifications.

2.     The water main route shall be designed based off of topographic survey and not an aerial or flown contours.

3.     The length of the project is approximately 1,600 feet.

4.     There is an existing 4” water main along the project route that will be replaced with an 8” plastic water main.

5.     The water services will be open cut across the roadway and will be replaced to the meter box.

6.     All fire hydrants along the project route will be replaced.

7.     The proposed water main will cross under Little Riley Creek. The consultant is to evaluate and provide a recommendation as to whether the water main be installed via open-cut or directional drilling under the creek.

8.     All curb, pavement, sidewalk, driveways, etc. will be restored to their original surface.

9.     Traffic is to be maintained. The consultant to address maintenance of traffic through the use of general notes in the construction plans.

10.  Work will be within the existing right-of-way whenever possible.

11.  The crossing of Little Riley Creek will likely require a utility easement from two parcels. The consultant shall provide a per parcel fee for creating the legal descriptions and exhibits necessary for those easements.

12.  The selected consultant will prepare an Application for Department of Army Permit (Form CFR 325) to be submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for approval. Any Army Corps application fees will be paid by the Village.

13.  A Public Water System (PWS) water main submittal will NOT be required for this project.

14.  The consultant will be responsible to provide complete construction bidding procedures.

            The Village of Bluffton located in the Allen and Hancock County in Ohio.

A.  That the Scope Of Services shall include but not be limited to the drafting and completing an Overall Plan, detailed construction drawings, bid specifications, inspection and consulting on the project described above. 

The selected firm will provide basic services for the project identified and will include, but not be limited to grant assistance, environmental inspections, permits, design (which will include Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and the like), topographical surveys, bidding assistance, construction administration, construction observation, construction close out, soil testing and construction materials testing.

It is expected that the services provided will be in conformity with all generally accepted norms and requirements of Civil Engineers.

The selected firm shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals and permits for the project as needed.

Payment for services will be made according to the final terms and conditions of the contract and/or rates provided in the response to the request for proposal.

B.  That the Village of Bluffton, Ohio, 154 N. Main Street, Bluffton, Ohio  45817 be deemed the Contracting Party in this matter..

C.  The Selection Criteriaapproved by the Village of Bluffton are as follows:

1.  Experience, Skill and Expertise that will be demonstrated by submission of references and experience.

2.  Availability to provide a representative to meet with the Village of Bluffton, provide access for questions and concerns and a commitment to superior service.

            3.  Proximity to the Village of Bluffton, Ohio and economic benefit to area             communities.

            4.  Other criteria as are deemed applicable and appropriate.

The selected firm must also submit any and all necessary forms to satisfy contracted qualifications for federal and state governments.

The Village of Bluffton will afford disadvantaged businesses an equal opportunity to preform work for the Bluffton and will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap or national origin.

D.  Submission and Advertisement.  This Request for Proposals shall be advertised on the Village Web Site and to any potential firms identified by the Village of Bluffton.

            1.  Date:          All submissions shall be post marked no later than

                                    June 9, 2017 or Hand Delivered by 4:00 pm that date

            2.  Address:    Attn: Office of the Mayor

                                    Village of Bluffton

                                    154 N. Main St.

                                    Bluffton, OH  45817

            3.  Copies:      5 copies shall be submitted

E.  Questions.  Submit any and all questions to:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Quick Contacts

VILLAGE GENERAL INFO: (419) 358-2066 or questions@bluffton-ohio.com

POLICE (non-emergency): (419) 358-2961

FIRE/EMS (non-emergency): (419) 358-8606

FAX: (419) 358-8137

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